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About Our practice

Since joining the Law Society of Ontario in 1989, David F. Halpenny has been a practicing lawyer in the City of Toronto.

During his early days at a large, quite excellent firm, he learned the high end methods and techniques of the Bay Street firms. Later on, he began a solo career, and learned what it is everybody else in the world needs from their lawyer. He has handled transactions of all types for hundreds of clients, as well as numerous trials. He continues to thrive in the turbulent and competitive environment that is Toronto, Ontario.


Operating primarily in the fields of commercial law and real estate, he has witnessed the market rise and fall, and watched the practice of law evolve rapidly in the computer age. By implementing leaner business practices and avoiding unnecessary overhead, he has maintained a competitive edge among his peers. With David Halpenny, it’s always about your bottom line.


Fundamentally, his passion remains solving problems for people. Perhaps he can help you with yours.